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As a Toronto deck builder with years of experience, we at BuildRex Construction have seen trends come and go. But, as we enter the warm months of 2023, there are several exciting deck trends that homeowners in Ontario should consider when planning their outdoor space. In this blog post, we’ll explore the top deck trends shaping how Ontarians enjoy their outdoor living areas. Let’s dive in!

1. Multi-Level Decks: Taking Outdoor Living to New Heights

One of the most popular trends we’re seeing in Ontario is the rise of multi-level decks. These structures provide homeowners with multiple outdoor living spaces that can be used for various purposes. Whether for dining, lounging, or hosting events, a multi-level deck can offer the flexibility and functionality you need.

For inspiration, check out our decks, balconies, and porch gallery for stunning examples of multi-level decks we’ve built for our clients.

2. Low-Maintenance Deck Materials: Enjoy More, Worry Less

Low-maintenance materials like composite decking and PVC are becoming increasingly popular among Ontario homeowners. These decking materials are more durable than traditional wood and require less upkeep. With low-maintenance materials, you can spend more time enjoying your outdoor space and less time maintaining it.

Learn more about the benefits of composite and PVC decking on our website.

3. Integrated Lighting: Illuminate Your Outdoor Space

Incorporating lighting into your deck design is a great way to enhance your outdoor space’s ambiance and usability. From under-rail lights to stair lighting and accent lights, there are numerous ways to illuminate your deck for added safety and style. As a leading Toronto deck builder, we can help you design a custom lighting solution that complements your outdoor space.

Visit our outdoor lighting services page to learn more about the options available.

4. Custom Railing Designs: Elevate Your Deck’s Aesthetic

Gone are the days of standard wooden railings. Today, Ontario homeowners are embracing various materials and designs for their deck railings. From sleek glass panels to modern metal balusters, the options are endless. A custom railing design can dramatically transform the look of your deck, making it a valid extension of your home’s style.

5. Built-In Amenities: Enhance Your Outdoor Living Experience

Finally, one of the top deck trends we’re seeing is the inclusion of built-in amenities. These features can turn your deck into an outdoor oasis, from outdoor kitchens and bars to fire pits and seating areas. As a Toronto deck builder with extensive experience, we can help you design and build a deck that includes all the amenities you need for a luxurious outdoor living experience.

Explore our outdoor living services to discover the possibilities for your deck.


In conclusion, these top deck trends for Ontario homes showcase the endless possibilities for creating an outdoor space that meets your needs and reflects your style. At BuildRex Construction, we’re proud to be a leading Toronto deck builder, helping homeowners bring their visions to life. Ready to start your deck project? Contact us today for a consultation, and let us create the perfect outdoor space for your Ontario home.


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