Trust Us for Drywall Services and painting
in Toronto, GTA and the Island of Montreal


Does your wall need recovery from water damage? Rely on Build Rex Construction for plastering, painting, and drywall services in Toronto, Montreal and surrounding areas.

Whether you want easy-to-wash paint for children’s playrooms or brighter colours for your office space that does not receive proper sunlight, we can help.
Call our skilled professionals for your next painting and drywall project.


At Build Rex Construction, we understand that each painting job has different requirements. It is more than applying paint to a surface – it is about knowing how that new paint will complement the surrounding space.

With interior painting, we consider décor, furniture, and lifestyle.
For exterior painting, we can suggest the right paint to help transform the look of an older home in order to add to its curb appeal.


Drywall damage is a common problem for many homeowners and can be challenging to fix at home. We are your trusted source for professionals who can fix common drywall problems. If not fixed at the right time, these problems can cause structural damage to your walls.
Our experts have years of experience in drywall repairs, so you can expect them to fix your problem quickly and efficiently.