Get Sound Foundation Repairs
in Toronto, GTA and the Island of Montreal


The foundation of your home or business influences its overall structural integrity. Foundations that are damaged or cracked can lead to problems like water damage, cracked walls, doors that would not shut right, or buckling floors.

To get professional foundation repairs, the residents in Toronto, Montreal and surrounding areas turn to Build Rex Construction. We can provide horizontal crack repairs, structural repairs, waterproofing, and other solutions customized to your property.

Let our foundation experts ensure that the structure of your home or business is sound.


Sometimes it is not apparent what types of foundation repairs your building needs. That’s why it is important to hire a professional for foundation work. Our team can inspect your foundation to find the source of the issue.
Our wide range of foundation repair services ensures that we can tackle a variety of issues that come our way. From waterproofing to sump pump installation, Build Rex Construction tailors its repair work to fit your needs.

With a thorough inspection, we know just where to begin; as a result, you can save time and money. If you think something is wrong with your foundation, request an inspection today.


If you notice that your basement smells of mould or mildew, you may have a foundation problem. Stormwater and groundwater both pose threats to your basement’s integrity, leaving stains on walls, warping flooring, and creating mould. That’s why we offer waterproofing services such as installing weeping tile systems and damp-proof coatings.
By waterproofing your basement, you not only save yourself the trouble of having to dry it out every time it rains, but also prevent foundation and structural problems that can damage your home or business.